The Cheesecake Box™ 
Chef Foy with Chef Chiarello of Top Chef
Chef Foy with Chef Robert Irvine of Food Network  
Welcome to The Cheesecake Box™!
The Cheesecake Box™ was founded in 2011 by Chef Nathan Foy.  We are not in the cheesecake business to try and "out sell" or "beat" the competition, but instead, produce cheesecakes to the best of our ability and find joy in what we do.  The Cheesecake Box offers many different flavors and varieties of cheesecakes and strives to make each one authentic. We found, however, that we do like the rustic appeal for our cheesecakes! The Cheesecake Box's highest priority is taking pride in what we make and offer the best cheesecakes we can at reasonable prices to those we have the privilege of making cheesecakes for.
Thank you!
Chef Foy - Set of Food Network
About Chef Nathan Foy:
Chef Nathan Foy is the owner of The Cheesecake Box™.  He is a former student of The Arbor Baking Cottage (1997), The International Institute of Culinary Arts (1999), and of FTC Culinary (2012).  Chef Foy is ServSafe® certified and a ServSafe® proctor and instructor. He is currently seeking his Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts at New England Culinary Institute and also seeking his ACF® certification.
He grew up baking with his Great Auntie Lillie and although she passed away in 1996, he still has an old Kitchen Aid® mixer that she bought for him from The Salvation Army® to practice cookie dough and banana nut breads with her!  
He made his first cheesecake when he was 13. 
He has always loved cooking and is thankful to have had the privilege to work for restaurants and chocolate factories and to train under some great chefs around the world!

Fun Facts 
Chef Foy auditioned for American Idol (Season 6) in San Antonio, TX and extra'd in a couple movies. He is a survivor of the 2011 Joplin Tornado!  

Hope you enjoy!!!
~The Cheesecake Box

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